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5 Benefits of a Virtual CTO Service

October 5, 2020

No matter what your business does, you use technology to run it minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Technology processes your payments, it organises your appointments and makes sure your employees and bills are paid.

These are basic but essential functions in running your business.

If your company is just starting out or you are a small business chances are you’ve made these technology decisions on your own.

Now, imagine the technology needs your business will require in the next year. How about the next 5 or 10?

The idea of managing every aspect of your technology over the next decade, and getting it right, may seem impossible. It is certainly daunting. This is where a Virtual Chief Technology Officer can be the difference between steady growth and or standing still.

With our Virtual CTO service you can use our years of experience helping businesses grow their online presence. We Do Code are your key to managing your technology needs while unlocking your business’ online potential. We are able to help you to take those strategic technology decisions, and we back that up with the ability and industry knowledge to carry those plans out.

Here are five benefits of using We Do Code as your Virtual CTO:

  1. Make the Most of Your Technology Budget.​ It is important to have the right technology to achieve your business goals, but this must be balanced against a budget so that the costs are controlled. Your​ Virtual CTO​ is your resource to keep costs under budget and provide the technology your business needs all while keeping an eye to the future.
  2. Expertise at Your Fingertips​. A​ Virtual CTO​ is an important resource to any business. As your business grows your technology needs to change as well. This technology roadmap should be drawn by information technology experts so that you can achieve your business objectives.
  3. Increased Productivity.​ By making sure your IT system is well structured and carefully managed, you can reduce the risk of downtime and impacted operations. With a Virtual CTO, you can make sure that everything is running efficiently. With updated software, hardware and cloud technology, you can increase staff productivity and project uptake to maximise success and keep your projects profitable.
  4. No Training Needed​. You will have at your disposal an experienced talented team that can keep your business on the right technology path. All education and certificates are handled within the outsourcing company, at no cost to you.
  5. Objective Recommendations.​ Because We Do Code have worked with many small to mid-sized businesses as well as large international businesses, we know what solutions work and, more importantly, which ones don’t. You will receive a vetted technology roadmap you can implement immediately.