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Stay ahead of the market with bespoke software development.

November 9, 2020

How you and your customers use the software in your business plays a huge part in deciding what kind of software your business should use.

Many businesses’ needs may be met with a generic application off-the-shelf, especially if that application can be customised to some extent. 

However, an off-the-shelf solution isn’t always the best solution for every business, especially if you only use a small amount of the features provided yet you are paying license fees to use all of the features. 

At We Do Code, we specialise in creating bespoke software tailored to your needs whether it is a new feature, website, or a mobile or web application.

Bespoke software is unique to you.  It will only have the features you need and won’t be bloated with additional features added to suit a wider audience, which typically slows everything down. 

The initial investment of money and time in bespoke software can be high in the short term, the long term return of investment– the savings you make when compared with paying enterprise software license fees– can be huge depending on the size of your business.

Another benefit of having your own bespoke software is that you own all of the intellectual property of the software and therefore you can adapt and improve upon it as your business grows or if its needs change over time.  This flexibility means that you will find it easier to innovate with bespoke software and stay ahead of your competition, who may be limited to the features of the generic applications.

As part of our online strategy planning service, we will examine your business needs and goals.  We’ll advise you on what the right software solution would be to best meet your business goals.  

For some businesses, we may advise using a mixture of generic off-the-shelf applications and bespoke software to achieve your business goals. An example of this could be using generic applications– such as an ecommerce platform to sell your products online but using bespoke software to handle fulfill orders to help your staff be as efficient as possible.

The team at We Do Code takes pride in delivering high-quality bespoke software development.  Our designers will work with you throughout the process, ensuring that we create the best user experiences for both your customers and your staff using the software.  We will also ensure that the project is delivered on time, on budget, and always keep your business’ needs and requirements in focus.


We Do Code are your local experts in all things code. We believe that every business can sell themselves online and we have made it our mission to help businesses realise their online potential with the right online strategy.


To discuss your needs and to take advantage of our wide range of IT consultancy services, software development services, and website hosting options, get in touch today and a member of our team will discuss your requirements with you.