Our top 5 favourite features of Magento 2

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read time: 3 minspublished 11 May, 2021

There are many ecommerce platforms which give you a vast array of features out-of-the-box, whilst giving you the ability to add additional features through bespoke software development.

Ar We Do Code we can work with any platform, but we always evaluate your specific requirements before advising which platform best suits you.

Magento is the most popular platform for ecommerce websites. It is flexible, scalable and customizable. Its out of the box functionality is impressive – not least because Magento's open-source philosophy ensures its continued availability free of charge. We've now helped a number of clients migrate their ecommerce sites to Magento 2, and here are our top 5 favourite features of Magento 2:

No.1 - Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is now required for Magento 2.4+ to power the search functionality on your store. Elasticsearch is a very powerful search engine solution that provides a considerable speed and performance improvement compared to the previous search functionality, which relied upon the MySQL database. It's faceted search and ability to weight different attributes means your customers will also get more accurate results and an overall significantly improved user experience.

No.2 - Improved Checkout

Complexity is a major cause of checkout abandonment in eCommerce. Lengthy and complex checkout processes put potential customers off. Magento 2 provides an elegant native checkout experience. Shoppers can checkout as a guest by default, given the option though not obliged to log in if the email address is already registered. Magento 2 offers the option to create an account at the end of checkout once the site has all the requisite details to complete the current transaction, and most of those required to create an account.

No.3 - Backend Interface

Magento 2's backend interface is significantly better than it's Magento 1 predecessor. We now have a responsive design, and a much more user friendly interface.

Not only is it easier to navigate, grids are now much more useful with the improved filtering functionality and the ability to easily configure which columns appear in the grid.

No.4 - Promotion Engine

Whether you’re looking to reward loyalty, offer bulk discounts for large orders or to apply a unique understanding of customer shopping patterns to drop prices on specific products for limited times, Magento 2 has you covered. Magento 2's promotions feature provides unprecedented control over your onsite marketing.

Magento 2 offers two distinct types of promotion, each designed to equip you with the tools needed to push up order values and increase revenue by maximising each and every site visitors' buying intent.

The two types of promotions in Magento 2 are created using either "Catalog Price Rules" or "Cart Price Rules".

Catalog Price Rules can create promotions based on certain conditions. One example of such a condition is a fixed-time sale but more complex catalog rules are available such as the ability to offer discounts to specific customer groups.

Cart Price Rules are used to apply discounts in the shopping basket based on certain conditions. As such, they can take into account all sorts of variables such as the unique combination of items in the basket and quantity of each product permitting merchants to offer promotions like "buy one, get one free", "half price x with every purchase of y" or "free shipping with orders over a certain value".

No.5 - Amazon Pay

Magento 2 accepts a large number of payment methods, but the integration of Amazon Pay is hugely significant– anyone with an Amazon account can now checkout using their Amazon account. The payment processing is handled by Amazon, your customers can simply check out on your site with the ease that they would on Amazon.

Contact us to discuss your type: entry-hyperlink id: 5dw2q3213Uz8DWtUOgddl0 requirements. A member of our team will discuss your requirements in more detail and we will put together a tailored proposal for your website.

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