Taking a website idea to market without technical skills

read time: 3 minspublished 01 February, 2021

So you have a great idea for a new mobile app or website, but you don’t know anything about coding? The good news is a lack of knowledge and skills isn’t the obstacle you think it is.

How you decide to proceed will depend on how comfortable you are with the website building process and how much of a budget you have to work with. Our tailored software development service can help you get your mobile app or website up and running in no time at all.

First, you have to decide why do you want to have a website? What is the goal? On the surface, this may seem like a simple question, but there are actually quite a few things that you should think about right at the start of your project.

Do you want to interact with an already established audience, such as pre-existing customers and followers, or do you want to attract a whole new segment of people to a brand new business or project?

Understanding who the target audience is, will help you to figure out what kind of content you need to have on your website, how they will interact with it and share within their community.

This is a great opportunity for you to go and look at some of your favorite companies and brands’ websites, taking note of the page layout and structuring looks. This can serve as inspiration for you to create a clean design that is functional, fresh, and unique; and create a basic site map for your website.

A site map is a very important visual planning tool that will help you to understand how your content layout will look as a finished web page. Creating a site map is really easy, and can even be done with a pencil and a piece of paper. This hierarchical list will help your project to start taking shape without a single line of code having to be written.

Once you have gotten your initial planning out of the way, you can start to think about the fun stuff: what is your website actually going to do?

Do you have an online store idea to sell unique products on the internet?

Perhaps you are an artist that wants to have a great looking website to house your portfolio for potential clients?

This is where our tailored software development service can help you. With tailored software, you get a unique solution that is tailored to your requirements. Your unique solution will only have the features you need and won’t be bloated with additional features added to suit a wider audience, which typically has a negative impact on performance.

Our designers will work with you to ensure that we create optimal user experiences for both your customers and your business. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality tailored software, and we’ll help you bring your great idea to life.

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