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We Do Code have over 30 years of combined experience across a wide range of different types of software development, including ecommerce solutions, bespoke solutions, and integrations with enterprise solutions.

Between our directors David Beere and Graeme Lambert, we have experience on the ground as software engineers, right up to board level technical roles.

We focus our IT Consultancy services on ensuring that your business isn't held back by technology in achieving your business goals.  Not every business has an in-house "tech guru", so until you are in a position to hire one, we can fill that gap for you with a range of flexible services.

At We Do Code, we are conscious of the fact that there are not as many opportunities out there for people to start their careers in software development as when we started our careers.  Therefore, we are committed to providing as many opportunities as we can for people to work for us in junior salaried positions, as well as apprenticeships and kickstarts.

We Do Code want to be known in the wider community as being one of the best places to start your career in software development, not because of the words we write, but because of our actions and the success stories of those who work with us.

We Do Code in the community


We Do Code actively engages with schools in the local community, to provide assistance wherever it is needed in relation to Computer Science education and similar subjects.

One area that We Do Code is particularly passionate about is helping as many schools as possible set up and run a Code Club - which is part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and part of a global community that runs free coding clubs for 9 - 13 year olds.

Technology training

Technology is constantly evolving, and our day to day activities are becoming increasingly dependent on it.  At We Do Code, we are all too aware of the reality that many people in the community do not have the essential skills to be able to use the technology that they depend on.  Whether that’s doing day-to-day tasks around the house, or skills that are needed for your job or getting back into work, there is a big skills gap that needs to be addressed.

We Do Code is committed to working with stakeholders in the community to support them with technology training, such as schools, colleges, universities, job centres, and politicians.

Supported charities

Every year, each of our directors will nominate a charity of their choice to support.  We Do Code has committed to donating a minimum of 1% of our annual retained earnings, which will be distributed equally between the two charities.

David Beere - Managing Director Charity for 2021/22 - Macmillan Cancer Support

Graeme Lambert - Creative Director Charity for 2021/22 - Parkinsons UK

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