Scalable cloud hosting that grows with your business, when you need it to.


Our scalable cloud hosting solutions are designed to sustain your current and future growth, by automatically increasing capacity as and when your demand requires it to.


We know there is nothing more frustrating than when you have invested heavily in marketing and advertising to direct additional traffic to your website or application, only for it to buckle under the extra load and go offline. With our scalable cloud hosting solutions, we make sure that this never happens.


We also know that every business is unique and has it’s own special requirements. That’s why at We Do Code we perform an extensive evaluation of your website or application and both your current and future expected traffic levels, factor in your plans and peak periods and tailor a solution for your business to sustain your current and future growth.

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    What is cloud hosting?

    Cloud hosting is the use of a network of servers distributed across multiple locations. This means your website and data is stored on multiple different machines, rather than the traditional way of only using a single dedicated server in one location.


    There is a clear benefit of greater redundancy here, in that with a single dedicated server you have a single point of failure, whereas with cloud hosting it’s possible to avoid having a single point of failure when the technology is leveraged in the right way.


    With the memory, processing power and disk space being shared across the network, with cloud hosting you have the flexibility to only allocate the resource that you need.


    Whilst the resource is shared, it’s important to state that this doesn’t impact on security. Your website and it’s data is effectively ring fenced to prevent anything outside of your private hosting environment from accessing anything that shouldn’t be accessed.


    Which cloud hosting provider do you use?

    At We Do Code, we are completely agnostic as far as which cloud hosting provider we use. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are the three biggest providers of cloud services, but we do not limit ourselves to only using one of them or any one of the many other smaller providers out there.


    As part of our extensive analysis of your business’ requirements and the technology involved in your website or application, we ensure that we choose the right provider for the technology and the solution we build for you. Your hosting budget is also factored in here as each cloud hosting provider has their own pricing structures, so depending on the solution one cloud hosting provider may be considerably cheaper than the other.

    How does cloud hosting scale?

    With a traditional single dedicated server setup, you would have to power off the server and upgrade the component(s) required to increase capacity, or replace the server completely with a new one.


    With cloud hosting, we can simply adjust the amount of resource that you use when you need it to. This is typically done in two ways; scaling out and scaling up.


    Scaling out is where we add additional resource to your base level allocation to temporarily increase capacity. This would be done automatically to handle peaks in traffic, typically in short bursts inline with peak trading periods or advertising campaigns.


    Scaling up is where we increase the capacity of your base level resource allocation. This would be done when your business as usual level of traffic and usage increases to the point where scaling out is no longer cost effective.


    Is cloud hosting cost effective?

    Yes. With our scalable cloud hosting solutions, we make sure that you are never paying for more than you need for your hosting. We monitor your levels of activity and usage to ensure that your base level allocation is at the level you need. We also have auto-scaling in place to ensure that when you need your website or application to handle additional capacity we scale out to support it.


    With a traditional single dedicated server, to ensure your website or application stayed online throughout your peak periods, you would have to pay for that increased resource all year, not just when you need it.

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