Achieve high performance, availability and scalability with our powerful WordPress hosting.


Our WordPress hosting solution is designed to combine the power of our scalable cloud hosting solutions with the power and flexibility of WordPress.


We ensure that our WordPress hosting is secure, with the permissions in place throughout to prevent malicious attacks. We also actively monitor the uptime of your website and use the latest technology available to us to prevent DDOS attacks.


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How does our WordPress hosting work?

We use a mixture of containerisation and our scalable cloud hosting solutions to have all of the resources available to power a WordPress website. These resources would include the database behind the website, as well as caching services to cache page content and using a content delivery network (CDN) to serve static content.


If you have an in-house development team, our solution allows you to easily run a version of your website in a local development environment or deploy to a testing environment.


How much does WordPress hosting cost?

We tailor every solution to the needs of our clients, to ensure that your WordPress hosting solution delivers high performance and uptime. We can also work within your budget, both for your business as usual levels of traffic and usage and your budget for your peak times where your WordPress hosting solution would scale to cope with the demand.


Would my WordPress hosting be shared with other websites?

We ensure that all of our hosting solutions run in isolation, which means traffic spikes for other clients will not affect your website at all. This is also an important part of ensuring that our WordPress hosting solutions are secure.


It is possible for a client to choose to share resources across multiple websites they own if it is deemed necessary, such as for budget reasons.


Is our WordPress hosting solution 100% impossible to hack?

We take every step we can to ensure that we provide the most secure solution possible. However, unfortunately it is not possible to make WordPress completely hack-proof. The most common way for websites to be hacked is through the installation and activation of poorly written plugins, which expose vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit. WordPress itself is actively maintained and any vulnerabilities discovered are quickly addressed with updates published.


The best way of preventing attacks, aside from the steps we take with our WordPress hosting solution, is to keep on top of applying updates to WordPress and installed plugins and ensuring that only well-written, trusted plugins are installed.


Should the worst happen and your website is hacked, we will work with you to get your website back up and running through our backup and restore strategy.


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