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At We Do Code, with our online strategy planning service, we believe we can help every business monetise their online presence and provide further business growth.

What is an online strategy?

An online strategy is much more than just a digital marketing strategy. We Do Code will take a hollistic view of your business and it’s online presence. We will work with you, looking at your plans for business growth, to put the right plan in place to ensure you are using the right services in the right ways to make the most of your online presence.

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Drop us a line to discuss your online strategy planning. We Do Code will take a hollistic view of your business and it’s online presence and put together a tailored online strategy to help you meet your business goals.


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What is my online presence?

The days of having a static website for your business being enough are long gone. Every business needs to ensure that they have a modern, responsive, accessible and informative website that provides easy-to-access information to potential and existing customers.


As crucial as it is to have a good looking website, it’s equally as crucial to ensure you keep your content fresh with blogs and/or news updates as well as focusing on improving your search engine optimisation.

Having active social media accounts is also vital for your online presence as it can often be the first port of call for potential and existing customers to contact your for support, ask questions about your products and services and keep up to date with what you are doing.

How can I sell my products and services online?

Having a strong online presence and actively engaging and appealing to your target audience is a crucial part of having the right online strategy and makes it far easier for your business to sell your products and services online.


Some businesses can use an ecommerce platform such as Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify to sell their products online and make use of the powerful promotional features within those platforms, such as voucher codes, up-sell and cross-sell products and sale pricing.


For some service based companies, an ecommerce platform wouldn’t be the right solution. It could be that they need a subscription based platform to provide their customers with access to premium content, or perhaps it’s a booking system they need to take payment for bookings, appointments or reservations.


With our online strategy planning service, We Do Code will ensure that the right solution is either sourced or built for your company to help you achieve your business goals.

My business doesn’t have anything to sell online…

We Do Code believe every business has something they can sell online. If it’s not a product or a service, perhaps it’s your years of experience you can monetise through either written or video content.


Accountants, HR companies, solicitors and other similar types of companies could monetise their years of experience by selling generic or even customisable policy documents and contracts online. They could be sold as a one-off purchase, through a membership and subscription plan, or both.


Recruitment companies could offer a premium service through having a private area of their website for candidates to get personal feedback from a member of the team on their CV. They could also provide them with advice on interviews and even use video calling software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to do mock interviews.


Gardeners could do something similar; providing exclusive videos to members on how to maintain different areas of their gardens, such as planting flowers, weed treatments and hedge trimming.


Carpet fitters could have a tool on their website that uses their business logic to calculate a quote for potential customers based on dimensions provided. If they also sell the carpets that they fit, they could also provide quotes on the carpet too and provide the ability to complete the purchase online.


Interior design companies could have an interactive room designer that allowed customers to put their room dimensions in and position existing furniture alongside the furniture/appliances that you sell and then complete the purchase online.


Builders, joiners, plumbers, electricians, tilers etc. can all use their website for providing quotes, either publicly or privately, and take payment online when the job is done.


If you still believe your business doesn’t have anything to sell online, contact We Do Code today and challenge us to prove you wrong and put together a tailored, bespoke online strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

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