How can a Virtual CTO help my business grow?

Leverage our years of experience helping businesses from a wide variety of industries grow their online presence with our Virtual CTO service.


What is a CTO?
A chief technology officer (CTO) is an executive-level person within a company responsible for ensuring that the company’s technology strategy helps the business deliver on it’s business strategy and goals.
That strategy includes ensuring that the business is;

  • using the best technology available,
  • innovating in the right areas,
  • research and development in the right areas, and
  • planning for the future with a technology roadmap.

A CTO is also responsible for recruiting and managing your in-house technology team and relationships with any third party providers.

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    How does a Virtual CTO work?
    With the We Do Code Virtual CTO service, we will typically work remotely and manage the IT department(s) remotely, but will be available to attend your office(s) when required.
    We provide a personable and friendly approach where our team seamlessly integrates with your business and ensure that everyone knows who we are, what we are here to deliver and how to get in touch with us when we are needed.
    Our Virtual CTO service provides you with a team of people who will ensure that you have the right technology strategy to help your business deliver on it’s business strategy and goals.
    Our team will manage the IT department(s), including the recruitment and training of new talent. Utilising our years of experience, we will ensure that only the best available talent is brought in either on a full time basis or on a fixed term contract. We Do Code provide an IR35 mitigation service to help businesses mitigate against the risk of the upcoming IR35 reforms as well as candidate vetting and resource augmentation services.
    We will also proactively work to identify inefficiencies in your business and source or build technology that will improve efficiency.
    At We Do Code, we know that sometimes you may just need someone to act as the “second pair of eyes”, providing an unbiased opinion on your existing IT strategy and infrastructure. Our Virtual CTO service will do just that and we will always provide a detailed and honest assessment of where your business is, where it needs to get to and how to get there.
    As you would expect from a full time CTO, our team will be on hand to provide expert IT advice and guidance.

    What are the benefits of a Virtual CTO?
    With a Virtual CTO service, you get all of the experience of a CTO for a fraction of the cost. A CTO will typically average a salary of over £80,000 in the UK, which with pensions and bonuses factored in will easily cost your business over £100,000 a year.
    At We Do Code, we provide a Virtual CTO service for businesses that find themselves in a position where they need the in-house IT expertise to continue to grow their business, but they’re not yet ready to make that big commitment of hiring a permanent CTO.
    Our Virtual CTO service is provided as a monthly retainer service with a minimum term to be agreed on a per-client basis.

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