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At We Do Code, we specialise in creating bespoke new features, websites and both mobile and web applications tailored to your requirements. An off-the-shelf solution isn’t always the best option for every business, especially if you only use a small amount of the features provided and you are paying license fees to use it. This is where our bespoke software development service can help you.


What is bespoke software development?
Bespoke software development is a service that We Do Code can provide where we build completely bespoke and unique software for your business, tailored to meet your requirements.


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What are the benefits of bespoke software development?
With bespoke software, you get a unique solution that is tailored to your requirements. Your unique solution will only have the features you need and won’t be bloated with additional features added to suit a wider audience, which typically has a negative impact on performance.
Whilst the time and money invested in a bespoke solution can be high initially, the long term savings versus paying enterprise software license fees can be huge depending on the size of your business.
Another benefit of building bespoke software is that you own all of the intellectual property of the solution and therefore you can adapt and improve upon the solution as your business needs change over time.
You will also find it easier to innovate with bespoke software and stay ahead of your competition who are limited to the features of the generic applications and when their maintainers release updates to them.

Is bespoke software development the right solution for my business?
Not always. As part of our online strategy planning service, we will evaluate your business needs and your business goals and advise on what the right technology would be to facilitate you achieving your business goals.
Many businesses’ needs can be satisfied with a generic application off-the-shelf, especially those applications that can be customised to some extent. How much you and your customers use the software can also play a big part in deciding which solution your business should use. In some cases, the creators and maintainers of the generic applications charge license fees and some take commission from sales. In such scenarios, we may advise that investing in a bespoke software development solution would be better for your business long term.
For some businesses, it may be that we advise using a mixture of generic applications and bespoke software development to achieve your business goals. An example of this could be using generic applications to sell your products online, such as an ecommerce platform, but using bespoke software behind the scenes to handle the fulfilment of orders to help your staff be as efficient as possible.
Whichever solution is right for your business, We Do Code can help you with our range of IT consultancy services, software development services and hosting solutions.

Our process.
Our process is much more than just the development of a bespoke software solution. The team at We Do Code will be involved from start to finish.
Our designers will work with you to build wireframes and mockups of your user interfaces, ensuring that we create optimal user experiences for both your customers and your staff maintaining the solution. We know that it is crucial for your customers to find the solution as easy to use as possible, but we also recognise that an inefficient and/or slow solution for your staff will cost you more in the long term in lost time.
We Do Code can also provide you with our graphic design and branding services where required or work with your in-house designers. We will ensure that all bespoke software meets your branding guidelines and reflects your brand in a positive way.
In most cases, a database will be required to store data for your application. When it’s not something that you or your customer typically sees, it’s easy to forget about this or even dismiss the importance of a properly designed database structure. However, a poorly designed database is a recipe for disaster as your bespoke software becomes more popular and comes under increased demand.
Our team can also provide project management and business analysis services to ensure that the project is delivered on time, on budget and always keeps the business needs and requirements in focus.
We Do Code pride ourselves on delivering high quality bespoke software development. Having quality assurance testing throughout the bespoke software development process is an important part of ensuring that we deliver that high quality. Our QA analysts will put in place a mixture of automated tests and manual tests where required to ensure all of the business needs are met by the bespoke software and that the solution provides an optimal user experience for all users.

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